It's expensive to live in Colorado. You won't have to look out the window very long to figure out why. It's beautiful here, but you pay.

The cost of living can be forgotten (mostly) by visiting some of the beautiful places in and around Grand Junction. Today we're checking out 13 must-see outdoor destinations you'll find here in Mesa County.

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Year-Round Outdoor Activities in Grand Junction

It's the perfect section of Colorado for being active and having fun. West slope Best slope. Enjoy the hiking and biking trails year-round to experience both winter and summer adventures. Do you think the Colorado National Monument looks better during the summer or winter?

Waiting for the Snow to Melt Around Grand Junction

Ahh, waiting for the snow to melt. It can keep you from getting to a few of Grand Junction's best locations. Trying to hike to Lost Lake on the Mesa in May means hiking up to your waist in the snow. Be patient, and you'll probably be able to walk right in on June 1st. Early spring is a great time to visit Glade Park to see Little Dolores Falls. The falls only slow down as the weather warms up.

Many of Grand Junction's Must-See Destinations are Free

The fact that so many of Grand Junction's must-see destinations are FREE to visit makes it even more amazing to live here. The monument charges a daily fee so if you want to visit often you can buy an annual pass and show your support for this amazing National Monument.

Must-Visit Outdoor Destinations in Grand Junction, Colorado

Are you looking for beautiful places to visit near Grand Junction, Colorado? You came to the right place. Great destinations for hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and swimming are all around us. Scroll on to check out a list of 13 amazing places to spend time outside around Grand Junction, Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

MORE: Hike the Amazing 1100-Foot Climb to Grand Junction's Liberty Cap

Grand Junction's hike to the Liberty Cap includes an 1100-foot climb to one of the best overlooks outside of the Monument. The trip to the top will take 60 to 90 minutes. Want a great workout for leg day? This is your trail. The climb is difficult the first time but well worth it. Let's take a look.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

KEEP GOING: Find You Way To Grand Junction's Must-See Rattlesnake Arches

Today we're checking out one of Grand Junction's best hikes. We're gonna hike out past the Colorado National Monument towards the McInnis Recreation area to find the Rattlesnake Arches right here in Western Colorado. This hike takes most of the day, but the payoff at the end is totally worth it. Scroll on as we join Alice Ford for this trek through the high desert.

Gallery Credit: Wes Adams

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