Want to earn your hiking badge in Mesa County, Colorado? Which trails will you need to conquer to earn it? Should it be the Crag Crest National Recreation Trail? The Liberty Cap? Maybe it should be one of the most recognizable landmarks in Mesa County, such as Mount Garfield.

We asked you to give us a pro tip for hiking Mount Garfield for someone trying the hike for the first time. Keep going to see 26 pro tips from Grand Junction residents about climbing this trail for a view of the Grand Valley from 6,765 feet.

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Mount Garfield in Western Colorado

Mount Garfield is one of Western Colorado's most recognizable landmarks. Once people learn there is a hiking trail to the top, they all want to make plans to see the view. These plans often change when hikers encounter the trail for the first time.

Mount Garfield will test your resolve right from the start. The hardest part of the climb takes place over the first 3/4 of a mile. From the trailhead to the flagpole at the top, hikers will cover 1.7 miles and a climb of 1,886 feet.

America Loses A President

Mount Garfield was named after America's 20th President. President James Garfield was shot in July of 1881 and died as a result of the wound in September of that year. Grand Junction's mountain on the Roan Plateau was named after President Garfield the following year, 1882.

Will I Need A Sled To Make It Back Down Mount Garfield?

The biggest challenge going up or down Mount Garfield is the trip up or down the slope near the beginning of the hike. For a short time, the route up the side of the mountain is only four feet wide. Trekking poles make the trip down this steep slope easier, but several locals joke about hiking to the top with a sled so you can slide back down to the parking area. We do not recommend this.

Keep scrolling to check out some pro tips for making it to the top of Mount Garfield straight from those who have done it many times. Good luck, and enjoy the view of Grand Junction.

Hiking Colorado's Mount Garfield: 26 Pro Tips for First Timers

The hike to the top of Mount Garfield in Mesa County is a 3.4-mile roundtrip leading to one of the best views of the Grand Valley. Elevation gain, traction, and exposure to sun and heat can all make this hike a challenging one. We asked you to share some tips for those trying the hike for the first time. Keep reading to learn the ropes from the pros in the Grand Valley.

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