Someone in Grand Junction, Colorado is searching for their missing Apple iPad. Can you help it to find its way home?

Smart money says this item was stolen and dumped. Somewhere out there is a person who would appreciate its return. Perhaps it's yours.

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Found In The Dirt

I found this item a few days ago while walking through the Spyglass Ridge subdivision in Orchard Mesa. The item was found lying in the dirt in an undeveloped lot.

Given its location and the manner in which it was discarded, it's my personal theory this item was stolen. When the perpetrators realized they were in possession of an item capable of being traced, it was casually jettisoned out the car window. That's a personal theory, but I somehow suspect it is accurate.

Where It Was Found

The iPad was found just a few feet from the sidewalk on the south side of the road where 27 Road meets Lookout Lane. It was lying in the dirt in a portion of the subdivision not yet developed.

Apple Found In Grand Junction map
Waylon Jordan / Google Maps / Canva

Given the location and the haphazard manner in which it was placed in the dirt, it seems likely this didn't simply fall out of a backpack. For that matter, it's unlikely someone would casually place an expensive piece of equipment such as this in the dirt and simply forget it.

Apple Found In Grand Junction map 2
Google Maps / Waylon Jordan / Canva

The Immediate Aftermath

The unit appears to be in perfect condition. Upon finding it, a post went up on Grand Junction Lost Found Missing or Stolen. A few "likes" and a share or two have come in, but unfortunately, no replies.

Where It's At Now

After a few days and no replies, it seemed only proper to turn the device over to the authorities. It's now in the possession of the Mesa County Sheriff's Office.

This is clearly an expensive piece of property. Given the nice case and the immaculate condition in which it has been kept, it seems safe to say someone was proud to own it. Let's get it back to the proper owner.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, I did a similar post involving a wedding ring that had been found in a parking lot. That story had a happy ending. Let's see if history can repeat itself.

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