This is how we roll in Grand Junction, Colorado. Gas prices are out of control, and some Grand Junction area professionals are forced to turn to Plan B.

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Rolling Into Work Like a Boss in Grand Junction, Colorado

Neither rain, snow, nor $4 per gallon gas prices can keep Grand Junction away from their responsibilities. Driving the truck to work at an earth-shattering 8 miles per gallon isn't going to cut it right now.

These thrifty realtors from Grand Junction fired up their toddlers' Power Wheels Barbie Jeeps, or perhaps in this case, John Deere Gators, and set a course for the office. Take a close look - does that Gator in the lead come with a cupholder?

Obeying the Rules of the Road

I watched this video six times before I realized it was filmed about 150 feet from my office window. That's Shelby Cannon, owner/realtor at Maverick Realty in Grand Junction, in the lead vehicle. Their office is located right next to Sherwood Park, just off of 1st Street and Kennedy Avenue.

With the exception of Shelby yacking on her cell phone, it appears to me these ladies are driving well within proper guidelines, even going so far as observing the reduced speed limit in the area.

Is This What We're All Going to Be Reduced To?

Personally, I thought a bicycle would be more practical, but what do I know. Before long you're going to see a 52-year-old guy, roughly 20 pounds overweight, huffing it down 5th Street on a course for the radio station. That's me. I'm out of shape and don't know much about bicycle safety, so please don't run over me.

According to Fox21, the site Gasbuddy predicts national gas price averages will rise above $4 by April 2022, and will continue to hover above $4 per gallon through June 2022.

Before You Dismiss This Idea...

Someone took one of these toy cars and modified it into an 85MPH monster. We may be looking at our future.

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