A popular Colorado magazine/website named Grand Junction as a runner-up for the "Best Place to Move/Open a Business." ColoradoBiz Magazine released their "Best of 2021" list for the state. While Grand Junction didn't bring home the gold, we are in good company with other outstanding Colorado communities.

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How Winners Were Determined

According to the magazine's webpage, the Best of Colorado Readers’ Poll "gives consumers a chance to share their opinions on what they believe are the best service providers in categories ranging from law firms to MBA programs to fitness clubs to best places to mountain bike."

Which Community Took First?

The 1st Place award for "Best Place to Move/Open a Business" goes to Superior, Colorado. While not exactly a metropolis, Superior's four square miles is now home to a population of more than 13,000 (as of 2019).

The Other Runners-Up

The list of runners-up include:

  • Grand Junction
  • Arvada
  • Colorado Springs
  • Westminster

Another Notable Mention

It seems Grand Junction isn't the only community in the area to get recognized. Fruita was named a runner-up for "Best Place to Mountain Bike." Specifically, Fruita's 18 Road was mentioned in the awards. Other runners-up in that category include:

  • Telluride Ski Resort
  • William F. Hayden Green Mountain Park

Yet Another Award to Mention

The Colorado National Monument was named the winner in the "Best Attraction for Impressing Visitors to the Western Slope." You'll see a long list of categories in the "Best Of 2021" feature. Out of all the categories, in my opinion, the award for "Best Place to Move/Open a Business" is by far the most prestigious. Congratulations Grand Junction for this awesome recognition.

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