Our next edition of Grand Junction Cold Case takes us back to March 19, 1979. To the address 246 Belford Avenue Apartment #6. Clyde Peterman.

The Denver Post ran a story back on May 3, 2014 that brought this case back up.

Clyde Peterman was a quiet man, who read a lot and was new to the Grand Junction area. He was born in Wisconsin. He dealt with some personal struggles before relocating here and starting over.


Cylde was hired as a janitor at a hotel. One day he didn't show up for work and his boss actually drove to Clyde's apartment to check on him. The manager was located and when they entered the apartment the two found blood smears, drops and blood spray, along with an unidentified object on the floor, also covered in blood.

Clyde Peterman was found deceased in the bathtub and fully dressed. How odd? He had been carried from the kitchen to the bathroom by his killer.

No forced entry, Clyde's roommate was out of town and no other suspects were ever raised.

37 years is a long time to not know what happened to a friend or family member. That's why these Grand Junction Cold Cases should never be forgotten about. What if it was someone YOU knew? A parent, sibling or even more terrible, your own child?

If you have any information, I would suggest contacting the Grand Junction police.

970-549-5000 (Main Line)

970-242-6707 (Non-emergency dispatch number)


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