For the employees of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, it was just an old, locked safe. But, when they opened it, they were shocked by what they found.

Long lost photos of Ted Bundy in 1977.

These photos depict a time when Bundy was in custody at the Pitkin County courthouse. However, he didn't stay there long, as he escaped by jumping out of second story window 25 feet up. He was facing murder charges for the death a Snowmass woman. The remaining pictures are from the search for Bundy after his escape.

Seeing these pictures and hearing that name reminded me of that cold case murder file of a Grand Junction woman from 1975. Denise Lynn Oliverson.

In 1989, Bundy admitted to killing a girl in Grand Junction in April of 89, and disposing of her body in the river. However, no body was ever found and no concrete evidence ever turned up to charge him with the murder.

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