North Avenue will stay North Avenue.

The Grand Junction City Council has officially decided to overturn their previous decision to change North Avenue to University Boulevard.

Looks like the people have spoken.

That was the whole issue with this, to begin with. From what you could see and hear, the majority of people, especially residents who were born here, thought this was a ridiculous idea.

How in the world would changing a street name attract more would college students to Colorado Mesa? On top of that, barely a sliver of CMU actually exists on North Avenue, less than a 4-mile stretch.

Then, of course, there would have been the issue of cost for all the businesses and residents in the proposed area of change. It was documented that it would have cost some places thousands and thousands of dollars if this proposal would have gone through.

How about actually promoting the school itself?

Waylon Jordan

I made this statement earlier, this issue is a wonderful opportunity for people to come together, speak up and be heard. And to not sheepishly sit back and let a few misinformed people make all of the decisions.

You can make a difference. You did make a difference.

That is what I am most proud of. Congratulations to everyone who signed the petition, went to a council meeting, joined in the "cruise," who wrote to the editor, gave interviews, etc. It was truly a great showing of strength and solidarity, along with a never give up attitude.

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