If you are having a fantastic day just hop on to Grand Junction's North Avenue and things could change very quickly.

Being one of Grand Junction's main thoroughfares, North Avenue sees more than its fair share of traffic on a daily basis. Considering the thousands of vehicles that travel the street, one can expect plenty of bad driving - and plenty of people getting irritated at bad driving.

I asked the question recently on Facebook, what is the one thing that irritates you the most on North Avenue. Turns out, quite a few people found it difficult to narrow it down to one single item, and several of the complaints had nothing to do with bad driving.

Chad makes a valid point. And we might throw in the drivers that make a right-hand turn on a red light into traffic - and make drivers in the right lane slow down.

Isn't' that the truth, Julianna! It is pretty funny to watch someone weaving in and out of traffic, al the while exceeding the speed limit, and then you end up right beside them at the next stop light.

Yes, the old cell phone thing - and North Avenue is one of the worst places to be doing it. Things change quickly on North, and with just a 2-second glance down at your phone, you could end up snuggled up real close to somebody's rear end and up their tailpipe.

And, then there are complaints that having nothing to do with bad drivers.

Sounds like a wonderful idea, Sandee. Nothing against the bus service, but having to stop a lane of traffic for a bus stop is just a disaster waiting to happen.

There is no question that while some of North Avenue has been greatly improved, there is still a big chunk of it that leaves a lot to be desired.

Here are some of the other things irritating drivers on North Avenue.

*People that don't use their turn signals
*Drunks on bikes
*Everyone runs red lights
*People who pull out in front of you just to make an immediate turn
*North and 12th intersection needs to be fixed
*Needs to be repaved - Bad!!!
*Dirty looking street, weeds everywhere, trash, empty buildings
*People who drive 45+, small lanes, too many lights.

Now we know what irritates North Avenue drivers. Don't be an irritant. Be one of the irritated. But, do it with a smile.

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