Today, August 5, is national "Work Like a Dog Day." Check out these Robert Grant photos of Western Colorado residents of the 1940's - 1980's hard at work, making the valley the best place in the world to live.

The video above, featuring pictures by late Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant, showcases Grand Junction area residents in their various occupations.

What exactly distinguishes someone who "works like a dog" from a "workaholic"? According to

Work-A-Holics are always working, even though they may not be working hard. Those who work like a dog, work very hard while they are working. But, they do not work all of the time.

Take a moment to thank those who "work like a dog" everyday. Kudos to you, road construction crews working on Orchard Mesa in the 100 degree heat. Here's to ya', late-shift trainer who worked until 10 o'clock last night at Monument Fitness. Thanks for everything, morning crew at Subway on Orchard Mesa.

If you ever feel like you're in a thankless situation, please remember there are those who appreciate everything you do. Keep up the good work.