Every now and then you need to take a day off and just get away. I asked Grand Junction, "What is the best 'day out' you've had in the last month?"

A "day out" does not necessarily necessitate a road trip. It can be dinner with a friend you haven't seen in ages, a date night with the wife, or maybe a concert. Here's a quick look at Grand Junction's picks for a recent "day out."

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You Need to Take a Break From Time to Time

It's really that simple. Sometimes you need to wind down and enjoy coffee with a friend you haven't seen in months. Other times all you need is to round up the family and enjoy an awesome concert. The website Our Home Village says:

When we stay home, or close to home, we tend to feel compelled to get things done. There are always loads of laundry to wash, errands to run, toys to pick up. Getting out of the house forces us to take a break from our never-ending chores and everyday lives. It’s like a mini-mini vacation.

Reconnect As a Family

When was the last time you saw your significant other? Did you pass one another in the kitchen as you were heading out the door for work?

When was the last time you took a walk on a local trail? How about a bike ride? Short road trip?

This Doesn't Mean Playing Hooky

There's nothing about a "day out" that implies you have to call in sick to work or skip school. Some sites imply a day out means you're skipping out on something. Granted, time is a commodity, and in this day and age, difficult to come by, but that doesn't mean you have to skip out on your responsibilities.

The Oxford Learners Dictionary defines a day out as, "a trip or visit somewhere for a day." Granted, the person working three jobs just to get by may struggle with getting away for a day. Then again, it doesn't have to be a day. How about a walk around the neighborhood?

To Reinforce That Point...

Take a look at the gallery below. These are examples of the best "day outs" we've had in the last month. None involve traveling to some exotic destination. Most don't involve any significant expense. Most answers involve "spending time with family" or attending a class reunion. Most were delighted to attend a local festival or concert.

Grand Junction's 'Best Day Out' For the Last Month

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