Have you noticed how much the Grand Junction landscape has changed over the last few years? Then again, have you noticed how little some things have changed? Take a look at comparisons of Grand Junction then and now.

While walking around downtown Grand Junction for the farmers market last Thursday, I was struck by the changes I've seen in Grand Junction over the last 45 years.

As I walked by the previous location of my Grandpa's (Robert Grant) darkroom at the old Daily Sentinel location on the 600 block of Main, I had to wonder how much the town has changed since he was working there in the 40s.

With the use of a little bit of my unreliable memory, combined with a run-of-the-mill cell phone with a built-in camera, I snapped a handful of photos, hoping to capture the current appearance of some of my grandpa's old photos.

Take a look at comparisons of Grand Junction then and now -- 40s and 50s compared to August 2015 -- captured through the lenses of Daily Sentinel photographer Robert Grant and his grandson.



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