Gas prices are down 20 cents in a month.

Be honest, a couple years ago did you think we'd ever see $2 gas again? The average around Grand Junction about $2.11 a gallon. You can find gas in the Denver area below $2. Their average is $1.94 a gallon.

A couple of factors are at work. Lower oil prices and less winter driving. I mean you've got to think twice before hopping in the car for a drive over to the front range. Winter weather slows down transportation, especially in this part of the country. According to AAA, "We are in a pretty low demand time of year anyway, winter is not really driving season and then we've seen these frigid temperatures both in Colorado and across the country. That's further driving the demand down that results in a lot of supply and not a lot of demand and that keeps prices plummeting.”

Back home in Missouri my friends and family are finding gas anywhere from $1.77 to $1.94 a gallon. To find the cheapest gas fast, download the GasBuddy app. In town, you can find gas for $2.01 at Sam's Club and $2.02 at both Maverik and Diamond Shamrock. City Market is a penny more at $2.03.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Just today Saudi Arabia announced that they're cutting oil production. That alone caused oil prices to go up. And we know as oil prices increase so does the price of gas. Plus, spring and summer are right around the corner and you can bet you'll be paying more in just a few months.


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