Another wave of vandalism hit this valley, this time affecting businesses at the Monument Plaza on the Redlands. Who's responsible?

Over the last few weeks, a considerable amount of graffiti has appeared around Monument Plaza. The majority of the graffiti is located on the back and side walls of the complex.

Waylon Jordan

Keep in mind, this plaza is located immediately next to a large residential area. The nearest private residence is located only a few dozen feet away from the location of the graffiti pictured above.

Do you have any ideas as to the identity of the culprit? For that matter, what do you do if your property is tagged with graffiti?

The City of Grand Junction offers T.A.G. (Taking Away Graffiti), a free graffiti removal and abatement program. According to the City of Grand Junction's official web page, you can document the offense and have the graffiti removed at no cost. Via T.A.G., graffiti will be abated using a power wash, chemical remover, and matching paint.

In the meantime, if you know the identity of those responsible for this round of vandalism on the Redlands, please contact the authorities.