Last week we got the details on the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook page that Governor Jared Polis has proclaimed that this week is "Colorado Recreates Responsibility Week". This means you will be hearing more ways in which you can care for Colorado. When I first read the Facebook post I didn't know exactly what it was about so I wanted to learn more and this is what will be promoted this week.

These tips are created for anyone living in Colorado or planning to visit Colorado which of course currently includes wearing a facemask which is currently mandatory in all indoor public spaced. The message and tips were developed in a partnership between the Colorado Tourism Office and Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics.

  • Know Before You Go - The beautiful state of Colorado is for you to enjoy, 42% of Colorado landscape is managed by state and federal agencies. This week you're encouraged to learn about the space we share and explore and use it. Find more less-visited areas so you can really connect with nature. Bring water, stay hydrated and try to use reusable water bottles if possible.
  • Stick To Trails - There are 39,000 marked trails and 13,000 designated campsites so don't venture into uncharted territory for your own safety and helping areas stay natural.
  • Trash the Trash - Pack it in, Pack it out. It's the simple rule most of us know already and that is to leave the area you visit nicer than you found it. Put all litter even tiny food scraps into their appropriate waste or recycling bin. When washing things including yourself make sure you're 200 feet from waterways and use biodegradable soap.
  • Leave It As You Found It - Leave all plants, rocks, and historical items in their place so others can enjoy seeing them for years to come. There are over 75- wildflowers in Colorado take pictures but don't ruin the actual flower. Treat everything with respect when enjoying the Colorado outdoors.
  • Be Careful With Fire - Colorado's low humidity can be great but also can create dry, dangerous conditions for fires. Keep all campfires small and check if there are any fire restrictions in places before starting a fire. Never let a fire burn unattended, and make sure all embers are out using water.
  • Keep Wildlife Wild - Don't approach the tens of thousands of creatures that call Colorado home. They are pretty but some can be dangerous if you approach them. Don't feed wild animals, you could alter their natural behavior. Keep your dogs leashed when on dog-friendly trails, and make sure you do all things a responsible dog owner should do.
  • Share Our Trails & Parks - Try out a lesser-known path and explore trails that are new to you. Keep your phone on silent so you don't spook some of the creatures you could see while exploring. Be considerate of other people enjoying the beautiful outdoors like you. Enjoy the sound of nature, or if you love your soundtrack use headphones.

As you can tell this week is about enjoying our beautiful state, but also making sure we take care of it so it remains beautiful for generations to come.

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