Is it still possible to find "records" in Grand Junction? Yes, it is. As a matter of fact, you buy new vinyl albums and something to play them on at this Western Colorado box store.

When was the last time you purchased an album on vinyl? For me, it was probably somewhere around 1988. After that, most albums came in the CD format. Before long, even those were gone.

For the purists like me, vinyl is the way to go. Fortunately, some artists have it in their contracts stating their materials have to be made available on vinyl in addition to the more contemporary formats. Of course, you can always find vinyl records at stores like Triple Play Records in Grand Junction. That, along with thrift stores and estate shops have some to choose from, too.

What if you want to buy a "new" vinyl album? Well, it just so happens the North Avenue Walmart in Grand Junction has a growing selection of albums. Is that a copy of "Eagles: Their Greatest"? Look towards the middle of the photo. That's a copy of "The Essential Elvis Presley." Kids, you haven't lived until you've listened to Elvis on vinyl.

Vinyl Records 1
Tom Freeman

According to the website Statista, vinyl album sales have grown in the United States for the 14th consecutive year. According to Nielsen’s 2019 Year-End Music report, LPs accounted for 17 percent of album sales in the United States. Back in 2006, sale of vinyl albums were almost nonexistent. In 2019, though, sales of vinyl passed 18.8 million units.

What are you going to play these on? In my case, I own a turntable (i.e. record player) but it's a clunker. What are we going to do? Look down. Check out the turntables with the price tag of $49.46. Even if I don't buy any more vinyl albums, it's past time to get a new turntable. All of my best stuff is on vinyl.

To my knowledge, there is only one problem with vinyl - it takes up a lot of space. I don't mean space on your hard drive. Vinyl albums take up space on your shelf, in your closet, on the floor. Then again, having something tangible like an album and its sleeve was part of the magic.

That settles it, I'm stocking up on vinyl albums again. If titles such as these are available, there's no reason not to resume the collection.

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