Last week we published a story about the old Prime Cut Cow. I had a chance to talk with the owner and he has to be one of the most interesting men in the Grand Valley.

Britton Crone

Lyle Nichols bought the Prime Cut Cow about 8 years ago at an auction. He thought he might use it as a bed and breakfast in his pastures or maybe a milk shake stand. Collecting weird items isn't Nichols only hobby, he is also an artist and a very good welder.

You can see some of Nichols work in the Central Park in downtown Palisade. He took old Harley Davidson mufflers, cleaned them up, and made this sculpture of a fish. Nichols calls this piece of work 'Harley'.

After seeing some of his work, he told me he also specializes in making horses out of scrap medal. He has sold many of these horses to buyers across the nation.

Over in Moab, Utah, you can see some of his work at the Hole in the Rock Petting Zoo.

Britton Crone

Lyle told me that he didn't make the bison statue downtown but he was good friends with the man who did and he learned a lot from him. That man passed away a few years ago, but his art work lives on.

I think its safe to say that Nichols might possibly be the most interesting man in the Grand Valley. Here is where you can see more of his work.