Colorado's Black Bear Pass is legendary.

I think for most of us, a journey over Black Bear Pass would be nothing but a white-knuckle, nail-biting, underwear-filling ride of terror. That apparently is not the case for Facebooker Chuck Mason. For Chuck, this is child's play. Chuck replied to one follower "Love this trail. It is not for faint of heart." Truer words were never spoken.

You always hear people talk about how "terrifying" it is to drive over Red Mountain Pass with no guard rails in some places, extremely limited shoulders, steep drop-offs, and hairpin curves. I think anyone's fear of Red Mountain Pass would be cured instantly by taking a ride with Chuck over Bear Mountain Pass - or better yet, taking the wheel yourself. If you can do Black Bear without filling your shorts, Red Mountain suddenly becomes an absolute piece of cake.

This is a road that is narrow, it's rough and rocky, and it's one- way. Hopefully, everyone's going the right way.

I am so grateful for people like Chuck who do these things and post these videos. That allows those of us who are "faint of heart" to enjoy these experiences in the safety and comfort of our office or living room. Some roads are made to be driven on. I'm not sure this road is on that list.

So, if you dare, hop aboard and take a ride with Chuck over Black Bear Pass. This is one pass I'm going to pass on.

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