A Colorado mountain was the site of a new Guinness World record for video gaming.

The side of a mountain seems like an odd place to be playing video games, but it's actually the coolest thing. According to UPI, the projection broke the record for the world's largest projected video game display.

Xbox was celebrating an upgrade to one of their popular games, Destiny 2, and projected a 19,090-square-foot screen on the side of Copper Mountain. The promotional video shows snowboarder Grant Gillen sitting on a couch facing the mountain and playing the video game Destiny 2: Beyond Light, a recently released update on the 2017 game.

Three projectors were used to create a total of 120,000 lumens of power to display the video game on the side of the popular Colorado mountain. This is what you call extreme video game playing.,

Although nobody besides Grant Gillen will ever have the chance to play a video game projected on the side of an awesome Colorado mountain, we can certainly appreciate the lengths to which Xbox has gone to promote their new game. They definitely know how to get the attention of video gamers.

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