There are lots of ways for others drivers to frustrate you, these are just a few. Here are some frustrating things that people do while driving around Grand Junction.

Drivers frustrate you in a lot of different ways according to our Facebook. And the frustration others give you while driving only gets worse in the winter. This is a perfect example of what not to do while driving, especially not in the winter months.

Driving shouldn't be a guessing game, but thanks to other people -- it is. If only other drivers would use this thing that allows them to signal which direction they're going. It's called a turn signal.

This one isn't optional, it's actually the law. According to Colorado State Trooper Luke, 'you're supposed to move over or slow down for emergency vehicles. We prefer you move over.'

Lynda Daggers has some relatable frustrations here. Some people act like texting is their first priority and driving is their second. And others act like their car will blow up if they actually go the speed limit.

I don't litter and I don't like people that do. I've turned my car around to make a passenger pick up the trash they threw from my car. We don't play that littering mess.

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