A Fruita Middle School student took it upon herself to raise some money for Mesa County Partners and she did good!

Giselle Genova took on a community services project to benefit Mesa County Partners and the effort was a huge success. Giselle was able to raise $250 for Partners.

Giselle collected artwork from fellow students and then did a show at the Fruita Rec Center with all of the proceeds going to Partners.

Debi Genova via Facebook
Debi Genova via Facebook

Of course, Mesa County Partners is a great organization and is making a huge difference in the lives of young people on a daily basis, which is so encouraging. And, it's also encouraging to see young people like Giselle taking the initiative to make a difference in her community.

We hear so much in the news, it seems like, about kids that have taken a wrong path -but let's give a cheer and a word of acknowledgment to young people like Giselle and others who are determined to make a positive and significant contribution to the community and to society.

It's quite likely there are a lot more Giselle's out there  we just don't know about, but we definitely want to get the word out.

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