The Colorado Gator Farm has a free weekend coming up this weekend. (Feb. 22 + Feb. 23.) The free admission is all in honor of one of their albino gators, Mr. Bo Mangles.

There are only about 50 albino alligators in the entire world and Mr. Bo Mangles is just one of the albino gators at the farm. There are currently five of them at the Colorado Gator Farm.

Mr. Bo Mangles day celebrates the anniversary of his arrival at the Colorado Gator Farm. They are located in Mosca and they don't just have alligators there, they also have fish, turtles, pythons, lizards, and rattlesnakes too.

Most of the Colorado Gator Farm's animals are rescues. People got them as pets, were unable to take care of them and then ended up at the Colorado Gator Farm.

Not only do I like Mr. Bo Mangles because he's an alligator (a rare albino one too) but I like him because he's named after one of my favorite restaurants -- Bojangles'.

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