For some, wrestling gators are fun, but I'm pretty sure it's not fun for the gators.

Colorado Gators Reptile Park, located north of Alamosa, has become a sanctuary for unwanted exotic pets such as alligators, pythons, tortoises, iguanas and others. They take care of them and sometimes take them to schools for educational programs.

But, for $100 you can learn to wrestle a gator. You can tell from the video that the gators aren't especially thrilled about the prospect of being handled by a human, but the human wrestlers seem to get a lot of joy in proving their dominance over one of these wild creatures.

I totally understand why it is necessary for people dealing with exotic animals to receive training in the proper handling of these reptiles - for the safety of the handlers as well as for the gators. I can also see where it would be beneficial for the handlers to practice gator handling in order to become proficient at it. But, what I don't understand is the idea of wrestling a gator just for the for fun.

The gators are already at a disadvantage because they are in captivity and away from their natural habitat. But, yet, somehow sneaking up behind one, grabbing the tail, dragging it grudgingly out of the water and then sitting on it proves to be some sort of glorified conquest.

Perhaps having gator wrestling classes is the primary source of funding for the wild animal park so I hate to be too critical if that is the case. It's just that I have a problem with putting animals through unnecessary torment and disrespecting them.

It's great that these unwanted animals have a place to go to live out their days. I wonder if they are thinking the same thing.

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