The Colorado Gator Farm has rescued an abandoned alligator in Pueblo. A couple that was evicted left behind a little something -- their alligator.

When the guys from the Colorado Gator Farm arrived, they could tell the poor gator was very cold. The alligator had been left behind with no heat or water for about a month before being rescued.

The landlord asked the couple to come back for their gator (that they owned for six years) and they refused. Although the alligator is six years old, he doesn't look it. He's small for his age. Most of the rescues are smaller because they're usually kept in smaller habitats.

Other than being cold, the alligator was in good health. They microchipped and measure him. This alligator is 3 feet 6 inches long, which is about half as big as he should be. They're happy to find out that the alligator is a male, they need more at the Colorado Gator Farm.

They named the alligator Bubbles and I think moving into the Colorado Gator Farm was his first time being outside, ever. As soon as he got in the water, he seemed to happily swim around his new warm and cozy home.

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