Patrick Frazee, 33, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his fiancee  Kelsey Berreth with a baseball bat in her home.

Berreth was reported missing last Thanksgiving and her body has never been found.

There was little evidence found at the home where she was killed, so prosecutors had to rely on the testimony of Krystal Lee, who had known Frazee for over ten years. Frazee had enlisted Lee's help in cleaning up the murder scene and she told the court she watched him burn a plastic tote that it was believed held the body of Kelsey Berreth.

Lee also took Berreth's cellphone to Idaho to try and throw off investigators looking for Berreth. Lee reached a plea deal for evidence tampering and will receive a three-year prison sentence.

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Frazee had tried to get Lee to do it but ultimately called her to ask her to come to Colorado and help clean up the mess he had made.

According to court reports, Frazee had put a sweater around the eyes of Berreth to "smell some candles" then beat her to death with a baseball bat while their 1-year-old child was in a storage room.

Frazee has been sentenced to life plus 156 years in prison with no chance for parole.

According to Lee, Berreth's last words were "Please stop".

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