Last minute Valentine's Day destinations for the single people here in the Grand Junction/Fruita/Palisade area.

If you want to escape all the lovey dovey stuff going on today, this article lists a few ideas to get away from it. Now, you don't necessarily fly to New York or Los Angeles, but the website has the beginnings of some great ideas.

Their first suggestion is to make the big city your destination. Well, how about we spin that into a 'make a town you've never been to your destination idea?' Not a bad idea to cruise up to Delta, Montrose, Rifle, whatever city or town you have never been to.

Their second idea is basically made for this area. Get off the grid, head to the Monument. Even if you've been there 100 times, there's always a place you've never visited.

Just because you're single, you shouldn't have to waste the day away. Celebrate you!







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