Are you in the mood for excellent live music on a Monday night? How about live music with no cover charge? You are invited to Monday night's jam session in Grand Junction.

Are you tired of the club scene? Would you like to enjoy music for music's sake? For that matter, would you like to play? Every other Monday night check out the jam session at RL Drum Studio at 2513 Belford Avenue.

Players of all experience levels are encouraged to come out and play every other Monday night at 7:30. This event is held at a local music school, so there's no booze, no club atmosphere, just live music. Don't want to play? That's fine. Come on out and listen.

The necessities are all there; drums, amps, music stands, charts, etc. All you need to do is show up. As with any jam, it's preferable you bring your own ax, i.e. guitar, bass, horn, etc, etc.

There's no need to call ahead. Just show up. Musical selections tend to lean towards Jazz and Blues.

Here are five reasons you should attend -

  • Where else are you going to hear live music on a Monday?
  • The cost of FREE is pretty hard to beat.
  • It's a chance to meet your fellow local musicians.
  • This is an opportunity to pick up new tunes in a supportive environment.
  • It's a chance to play, and any chance to play is awesome!

Last night's jam was a little thin. This probably had everything to do with Spring Break wrapping up. Things were so bad they actually asked me to get up and play. That's when you know things are bad. Anyway, we pulled off a few standards and had a little fun.

Jam nights used to be common 20 years ago. Unfortunately, most were held in bars, thus making it difficult for the younger players to get up. Not only that, those jams assumed you were going to spend some money in the venue by purchasing drinks.

The Monday night jams at RL Drum Studio are free, alcohol-free, educational, and fun. Worst case scenario you wind up with me as a bass player.

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