There's a light rain falling right now in Grand Junction, and you'll see more over the next two days. Now's the time to get out and walk or jog the Audubon Trail. Here are five reasons why.

Grand Junction's Audubon Trail is always awesome. There is, however, something special about it in the rain. You owe it to yourself to put this local treasure to good use, especially now. The weekend is right in front of you, so here's your chance.

The National Weather Service predicts rain in Grand Junction through Saturday night, September 30.

Rain may not be your thing, but you shouldn't let it deter you from visiting local trails. Just the opposite. Believe it or not, several benefits come with rainy conditions. Here are five that come to mind:

  1. Cooler temperatures.
  2. You can get in longer walks.
  3. You'll see wildlife which would typically remain hidden during normal conditions. The owls on the Audubon Trail love to come out and take a bath during the rain. (see video below)
  4. With the thirsty ground we have around here, rain doesn't always equal mud. In any event, the Audubon Trail is a paved start to finish.
  5. You won’t have to clean your shoes.

We don't exactly get a tremendous amount of rain here in Western Colorado. When we do it can be a real treat. Get out and enjoy a little rain on the Audubon Trail between now and Saturday.

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