Any excuse for another three-day weekend. Five important dates that Grand Junction should celebrate.

I declare that the City of Grand Junction legally proclaims these following dates as OFFICIAL holidays. Which would mean five more paid days off? Who is with me?

But, seriously, here are five very important dates in the history of Grand Junction that should be celebrated.

Arlie Jordan
  • July 27 - Birthday of George A. Crawford, the founder of Grand Junction. Born in Pennsylvania, oddly enough.
Zane Mathews
  • December 30 - Birthday of John Otto. Arrived in Grand Junction in 1906 and is mainly responsible for what the Monument is today.
  • May 24 - Speaking of John Otto, May 24, 1911, the 'Colorado National Monument' became an official National park.
Brad Paisley
  • June 1? - Not that we need another reason to celebrate Country Jam, but I propose that the Monday following Jam weekend we ALL have off.
Getty Images
  • April 13 - Former Grand Junction resident Ricky Schroder's birthday. I don't know why, BUT if it gets us a three-day weekend are you going to complain?

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