Five disgusting things you probably have on you right now!

We don't want to FREAK you out, but did you know no mater how much you shower you're still covered in disgusting stuff! Like these five nasty things...

  1. Demodex Mites: Microscopic parasites that live on your eyelashes. Everyone has them and at night they come out and walk around on your FACE.
  2. Fecal matter: Yip-poo...about a tenth of a gram. From your undies to the rest of your clothes in the laundry.
  3. Dead skin cells: Almost the entire outer layer of your skin is dead. Anytime you touch someone you're touching dead skin.
  4. Skin eating insects: Mites that feed on your dead skin. They can even cause eczema.
  5. Belly button bacteria: This is where the exotic stuff is! About 2,000 different species. As a matter of fact they have found bacteria in navels that are normally found in polar ice caps and thermal vents!

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