There's nothing better than shopping a locally owned and operated Grand Junction business. According to Holiday Insights, March 29 marks "National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day." Let's take a look at five awesome Grand Junction area businesses owned and operated by Mom and Pop.

Even in the age of internet shopping, nothing hits the spot like visiting a small, family owned business. In no particular order, here are five Grand Junction "Mom and Pop" restaurants and shops you should visit.

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    Lois' Place

    241 Grand Ave

    Lois' Place has been around FOREVER. They weren't always at their current location, but they've always been around. This is a family owned and operated business in every sense.

  • Hart Music
    Hart Music

    J.B. Hart Music

    314 Main Street

    J.B. Hart Music is a true family owned business. You have father, son, a cousin or two, all operating a business which has been in the family for generations. They are local, but Hart Music is a name recognized around the world. They've made a huge mark on the industry. Not only that, some of the biggest stars in the world have shopped there over the years. See that guitar Jan is holding? That's Jimi Hendrix's Italian guitar. It made stop at Hart Music when passing through this part of the country.

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    Atlas Auto

    1924 N. 1st Street

    When you go to Atlas Automotive, chances are you'll be dealing directly with the owner. If not him, then one of the members of his family. A service station has operated on this corner since the beginning of time. Having a family owned gas station and garage at this location means a lot to the residents of the area.

  • Waylon Jordan
    Waylon Jordan

    Randy's Southside Diner

    Orchard Mesa, Clifton, and North Avenue

    At one time, there was precisely one "Randy's Southside Diner." It was in Orchard Mesa, on the south side of town. Nine times out of ten, when you went to the restaurant, it was Randy who met you at the front door. Being the restaurateur he is, Randy has since opened a couple more locations. Chances are you'll still run into Randy and the family when you visit.

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    Monument Fitness

    2135 Broadway - behind Garfield's

    Not only does she own the gym, Margaret is also the head trainer. If you want to visit a gym with a kick-butt competition body-building team, head to Monument Fitness. Margaret is more than the owner... she's part of the atmosphere. In a world of corporate health clubs and franchise outlets, this is a hometown, hard core, no nonsense gym. Margaret and her husband Paul run a tight ship.

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