The problem with most horror movies is the fact that they are way too predictable. Somebody does something stupid. Somebody dies. There is a reason why Friday the 13th  in 1980 grossed over $59 million and Parts 6 through 10 all grossed less than $20 million each. The characters in each movie never stopped being stupid.

One of the most frustrating moments in a lot of scary movies is near the end. One person has finally triumphed over the monster - be it Jason, Freddy, Michael or somebody else. They've given the killer a blow to the head, or a knife in the back, the killer falls to the ground. They think it's over...but, it's not.

How many times have you seen the killer spring back from supposed death to once again threaten their victim - all because  the victim did not take advantage of the opportunity to completely blow his brains out, cut his head off, or in any other fashion make absolute sure the killer is dead. They choose rather to run off, assuming the monster is dead. Or they turn away from the killer, pondering the events of the last few moments,  and fail to notice the killer isn't really dead. People are stupid.

Here's another example. The girl just discovers her friend has been brutally murdered. What does she do? She feels compelled to investigate rather than a) calling for help b) finding some object with which she can defend herself, or c) just getting completely away from the area. (Of course, if she does choose to run off, you KNOW she's going to trip and fall in the woods and be bludgeoned to death.  And if she gets in a car, you KNOW it's not going to start. Predictable!)

Finally, a movie with sensible victims. People that say "no" to stupid behavior. People who finish off the monster once and for all. And it's only three minutes long.