It's been a hot, dry summer in Colorado and some have already forgotten about all the snow Colorado received last year and the slew of avalanches.

Does history repeat itself in 2019 and remind us how brutal it was last year?

Farmers Almanac Winter Prediction for 2019-2020
Farmers' Almanac

If the Farmers Almanac prediction is accurate the answer is maybe. The annual forecast is calling for a brutal winter in the eastern two-thirds of the nation and for Colorado a snowy and frigid winter. What exactly does that mean? Lots of snow and bitter cold or just a typical Colorado winter?

The western third of the United States can expect a milder winter with normal temperatures and precipitation.

Of course, we typically take these long-range forecasts with a grain of salt. However, I would remind you that last year the almanac called for a long, snowy winter and it was correct.

Perhaps we end up with something somewhere in the middle. Is it too much to ask for just enough snow to keep the skiers and the I-70 travelers happy?

I think I can speak for everyone when I say we really would prefer to not have a repeat of last winter's avalanche season.

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