I am one of those people who prefer to stay indoors in the winter. I am, admittedly, a cold wimp.

But even someone like me will brave the cold to check these really, well, cool places with views that are only seen in winter.

This is a great place to go no matter what time of year it is, but the beauty seen here in the winter is unlike any other time of year. Look down and see what footprints where there, look at the mountains and the hills and see all of the snow blanketing the area just like a postcard. Beautiful. And remember, if you're going to hike or climb or kayak you need a permit.

If you have ever ridden a snowmobile, you know how much fun those things are. For many, it's a sign winter has arrived when you can get on the snowmobile and spend all day having fun. There are so many awe-inspiring places in Colorado you can take your pick. Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge, Vail Pass and of course Powderhorn are some great places to go.

There is just something really cool about going into an ice cave or seeing frozen over waterfalls. Rifle Falls in winter is one of those places. And don't forget Koper's Trail in Rocky Mountain Park.

You have to wait until January for this one, but it sure is worth the wait. Whether you climb or just get impressed watching those who do, this event is not only fun to watch, but beautiful too.

Talk about cool! The hours it takes for them to make these amazing structures and how incredible they are making this a trip worth taking.

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