If you have ever lived in an area with mostly off-street parking you know it can be a free-for-all. While this happens in metro areas such as Denver, it can also happen in places like Grand Junction. If your house has a nice shade tree near the curb, everyone wants to park there.

Can anyone just park in front of your house in Colorado? What does the Colorado parking law have to say about this?

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What Does Colorado's Parking Law Say About Residential Streets?

Colorado's parking law does not designate off-street parking in front of a home as belonging to the homeowner. The streets are open to all, so technically it's perfectly ok for someone to park there. Here is what the parking law does say...

No vehicle may be parked within five feet of a public or private driveway. No vehicle can park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, within 20 feet of a crosswalk, and within 30 feet of a flashing signal. You must also be 30 feet from a stop or yield sign when parking a vehicle in Colorado.

What About a Parking Detourant?

People parking in front of someone else's home seems to be something that happens all the time and people just do not like it. The leading suggestion on Reddit is to load up that nice shade tree on the front curb with bird feeders. After a couple of days, people won't want to park under your tree anymore.

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