Western Colorado is already experiencing temperatures well above normal. Current weather has created excellent conditions for wildfires to spread. What kind of weather can we expect later this spring?

Western Colorado fire agencies responded to 20 brush fires this last week, multiple times higher than this same period last year. Will temperatures lighten up?

According to the Farmers' Almanac, temperatures will drop again in early April, followed quickly by heavy thunderstorms in the central and northern Rockies.

When May rolls around, Colorado and Nebraska are expected to receive a mixture of showers, strong disturbances, and threatening conditions.

According to Current Results, Grand Junction's average temperatures for the month of April are a high of 65 and a low of 38. For the month of May, the average temperatures are a high of 76 and an average low of 47.

Weather Spark reports the month of May brings rapidly rising daily temperatures which increase from 70 at the beginning of the month to 81 by May's end. Temperatures exceed 91 only one day out of ten during the month of May.

Clear as mud? It seems the week of March 20 will see a slight break from the above normal temperatures and dryness. The National Weather Service predicts rain starting as early as mid-week. Temperatures will be back to the seasonal norm by the weekend.

This has been a strange year. Snowfall at higher elevations has reached 200% of normal, not to mention that bizarre ice storm we experienced a few months ago. To top it off, the unusually warm weather experienced in mid-March.

Will this be a rough spring and early summer? If the Farmers' Almanac is at all accurate, it appears we may receive at least some rain in the Rockies.

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