**Editors Note: Money has been fully refunded to anyone who registered for this event and the issue has been resolved. It is confirmed that this event was not a scam. 

Delaney’s Fabulous Run and Dance Party was created with good intentions. We think. If you had plans to participate in the run this weekend, you might want to reconsider.

We received news that the Grand Junction Motorspeedway was not aware that they were holding the run this weekend, which spurred questions about the validity of the event.

We contacted Josh, the man putting on this event, and have received no response. It is unclear what happened. Some think it was a scam, others think it was great idea gone wrong with bad planning.

The event proceeds were supposed to go to Delaney Donates but they have not seen the money. Delaney Donates have been trying to contact Josh to straighten out the situation. They were not involved in the planning of this event, but they're trying everything they can to get people's money refunded

If you have registered and paid already, keep an eye on your account for a refund. If one does not show up soon, it might be wise to contact your credit card company to receive the refund.

Delaney is known in this community as a girl who was happy, no matter the circumstance. Let’s apply her positive attitude towards this situation. With the money you get back, I encourage you to donate that to a cause you support. The money was intended for a good cause, let’s keep that going.

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