According to a new study funded by the British Heart Foundation if you drink 25 cups of coffee or just one cup of coffee it has the same effect. So if you were worried that your arteries were going to stiffen the study says it will do no more harm than drinking a cup of coffee a day. 

I love coffee and I would drink more of it but I need to sleep at some point unless of course, I drink decaffeinated. I have heard and have read so many studies that who knows what to believe. I really don't think I would or could drink 25 cups of coffee in a day. I think the most I have ever had was maybe 4 cups a day. My usual habit of 2 cups in the morning.

How do you like your coffee with cream or half and half, I lost 10lbs just by switching from half and a half to almond milk. If you love cream in your coffee you might try this if you are trying to lose weight.