My male co-workers have the worst aim than my two-year-old son! Is this normal or is it JUST at our office?

I was disgusted the other day when I used our office potty and saw piddle all over the floor! (see above photo)

You know what that is right?

It's from the men in our office shaking it when they're done tinkling!

No, I am NOT kidding!!

Now, I know we have a cleaning crew that comes in on a regular basis, but the bathroom always looks like this!

Do you think they're not cleaning it or do you think the guys in our office are just gross?

Do you think I should put up a sign that says,

We aim to please! Now you should aim too, please!


One friend suggested I buy the Targets to aim at:

One co-worker claims there is something entirely different causing the pee splatter:

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