I found a new study online that will help you get in and out of the doctor's office quicker!

We all plan on waiting when we have to go to the doctor . . .  but is it going to be 20 minutes or six days!?

Well with this new info I found hopefully you can get in and out quicker:

The hardest time to get an appointment:

  1. Friday at 10:00 A.M.
  2. Friday at 2:00 P.M.
  3. ANY day of the week around 10a & 2p

Days with shortest average wait times:

  • Mondays

Days with longest average wait times:

  • Thursdays

Worst day to see:


  • Mondays


  • Wednesdays


  • Fridays


  • Mondays and Fridays

Best day for a last minute appointment:

  • Tuesdays

Keep in mind, even if you hit a doctor's office at their least-busy time, you'll still probably wait of at least 15 minutes.

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