Happy National Grouch Day! Would you care to celebrate on a local level? Did you know Palisade has its own "Town Grouch"? Do you possess the skills needed to own that title?

I'm embarrassed to say this, but I'm a lifelong resident of the valley and yet for some reason, this competition has slipped past me. I've attended the Peach Festival dozens of times. Perhaps the residents of Palisade are simply so nice the thought of there being a "town grouch" simply slipped my mind.

What about this holiday? It seems National Grouch Day is observed every year on October 15. Says who? Sesame Street Magazine, that's who. According to them, this is the day when grouches all over the nation celebrate their way of life.

During a visit to downtown Palisade this last year, a sign just off 3rd and Main posting past "Grouches" caught my eye. Looking at the sign, there are recipients of this title going back as far as 1985.

I love how the sign reads:

Palisade, Colorado ... 2,692 Friendly People... and 1 grouch.

How exactly does one become the "Town Grouch"? According to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, Palisade's "Town Grouch" is a competition where residents try to generate donations. This event is tied to the famous Palisade Peach Festival. Residents' names are placed in donation jars all over town. The person whose jar collects the most money is named that year's "grouch."

This is not unlike Highlander.... there can be only one! Is that you? Are you prepared to be the next "grouch"? I don't live in Palisade, otherwise, I would compete in this event.

The next time you're in Palisade, stop by and see the sign displaying past years' grouches. Do you live in Palisade? Have you competed in this? If not, why not? Do you have what it takes to be Palisade's "Town Grouch"?

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