A dinosaur truck has been stolen from the museum in Fruita. Can you help us find it?

Dinosaur Journey reports a 1993 Dodge Dakota truck was stolen February 3 and they really would like to get it back.

The truck has been used by the museum since 2006 to transport water, equipment, and tools to the dig sites, which are often in remote areas. They have also used the truck to bring fossils back to the museum for study.

The brown truck was named the "Don-mobile" in honor of the late Don Chaffin who worked as a long-time volunteer and former employee at the museum.

If you happen to know anything about the stolen truck, you are asked to contact authorities and share whatever information you might have.

If the truck can't be located, it will need to be replaced. The museum is currently accepting monetary donations to help them get a new, gently used vehicle. Whatever we can do to help Dinosaur Journey will be greatly appreciated.

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