Did Google Maps catch a murder cover-up?! What's it look like to you? Get the scoop here...

My intern Kaitlyn told me that if you copy and paste these coordinates:


into Google Maps you would see a man dragging a dead body to a lake leaving a trail of blood behind him!

Crazy thing was, as you can see from the photo above, it worked!

But, I find it hard to believe Google actually caught a murder cover-up...

So we did some digging and found the REAL story according to Snopes.

What do you think is actually going on in this photo?

If you guessed a couple walking their dog you'd be RIGHT! The blood stain was created by water dripping off their dog, who looks like he's been in the lake repeatedly...

Pretty crazy what you can see with a little imagination.... now share this with your friends to see what they think!

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