The Mesa County Health Department reported (May 13) that a hive of Africanized honey bees was discovered in Palisade. Get the details and safety precautions for your family!

In case you've never heard of Africanized bees, they are an abnormally aggressive version of our common bees.

To clear up any rumors the venom of Africanized bees is not any more potent than common bees, it's their high level of aggression and the chance of being stung multiple times by large swarms that makes them a serious threat to humans and animals.

The Colorado State University Tri River Extension Office confirmed that a hive brought in by a Palisade fruit grower last month tested positive for Africanized genetics and the hive was destroyed.

According to the press release this is the farthest north they have ever been reported.

In the past it was believed that they couldn't survive our harsh winters, but these ones did.

What to do if you're stung:

Seek medical help immediately if you have any cause for concern.

You can visit the Colorado State University Tri River Extension Office for more information, including how to submit a honey bee sample.