There is Center, Colorado and there is the center of Colorado and these are two very different locations.

Some people, perhaps, have assumed that Center, Colorado is in the middle of the state. Well, it is, sort of - but it certainly is not in the exact middle. Center, Colorado is located in the south-central part of the state about 23 miles north of Alamosa. It's actually near the middle of the San Luis Valley, thus, the name Center.

Center, Colorado
Google Street View

Now, the actual center of Colorado is another story. If you ever wondered where the middle of nowhere is, this must be it.

The exact center of Colorado is south of the unincorporated town of Tarryall, and north of Highway 24. That would put it somewhere north and west of Colorado Springs. It actually looks like there may be a small house nearby. Did the owners KNOW they were building a house in the middle of nowhere?

Center of Colorado
Google Maps

Think of it this way.

Grand Junction lies almost exactly halfway between Colorado's north and south borders. If you were to go to the intersection of Highway 50 and 31 Road south of Grand Junction you would be extremely close to that point. So, from that point, you would head due east, and I'll tell you when to stop in just a moment.

To find the other point, you could take Interstate 70 to Idaho Springs, and then go directly south until you come to the line that started back in Mesa County at 31 Road and Highway 50. This, my friend would put you at the very center of Colorado.

Although there is a dirt road not too far away, it's possible that no human foot has ever stood in the very center of Colorado. Perhaps you could be the first.

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