There are still questions regarding students in Colorado returning to the classroom, but there are teachers that are now refusing to return to the classroom until there are no new COVID-19 cases for 14 days in the state of Colorado. The information was first reported by KDVR, as frustration is really starting to set in with teachers.

There is a long time teacher that is speaking out for teachers saying they are not even being allowed to be part of the conversation regarding returning to the classroom. And if teachers start talking about their fears and frustration they are being told that they are more than welcome to look for other employment.

For educators and families across the state of Colorado, today (Monday, July 27th) is supposed to be a day of action where you're encouraged to contact Governor Polis, the State Board of Education, Mayors, Superintendents, and school board members to speak up about the changes you want to see.

Car parades to show support for teachers are planned in Durango and Jefferson counties today so people can come together and show concern about the plan to go back to school.

There are more than 30 Facebook Groups on the social media platform representing teachers and their frustrations concerning going back to school with the current pandemic.

At this point, no one is sure when Colorado will go 14 days with no new COVID-19 cases, so this could mean that Denver teachers could remain out of the classroom for months. We will be sure to report any further details if we see a response from the government or school board officials.

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