Earlier today Denver mayor Michael Hannock announced that he plans to implement new homeless support initiatives due to potential high exposure of the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) among the population.

Because of the current pandemic, Hannock is calling for city officials to relocate homeless people to places like motel rooms and shelters in order to promote social distancing and reduce the risk of the homeless population catching and spreading the COVID-19 virus en masse.

In addition to this, as of today, Hannock announced that he supports the idea of creating temporary, managed campsites known as "Safe Outdoor Spaces," which would be funded by an increase in the city's sales tax.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit and Governor Polis introduced the 'Stay at Home' order, mayor Hannock has been doing a few things to help the homeless in Denver during these unprecedented times. For example, in addition to today's news, Hannock had already opened up Denver Coliseum as a homeless shelter to encourage social distancing and safety.

Plus, he also plans to support a ballot measure in the next election that would increase Denver's support of the homeless population by $40 million per year.

These are certainly strange times that we're living in, and it never really occurred to me what the homeless population's options were during the 'Stay at Home' and 'Safer at Home' orders, but luckily the city of Denver is showing support.

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