This has to be one of the most unusual things I've heard of in 2020, but if you ask me this sounds more like a way for people to make money more than keeping people safe. Let me get you the details and you can decide for yourself.

We got word from CBS 4 that you can now get tested for COVID-19 prior to boarding your flight. The new testing clinics are called Xpres Check, they used to run the spas that were located in the airport but have been shut down since March due to being non-essential. So, they shifted their business model which I can appreciate, this was to help the staff keep their jobs.

This similar thing has been done in New York's JFK airport and has been running since June, this newest addition to the Denver airport opened just yesterday. This is done just to help travelers clear their mind before traveling.

A rapid test that can be back in 15 minutes costs you $200. But if you do test positive, you will not be able to board your flight. Or you can do the Xpres Check for $75 and the test results will come back in a few days. Xpres Check accepts most major insurances.

A business spokesperson said they have encountered passengers who were not happy about the result but ultimately grateful to have the information.

So the big question, would you pay $200 to get tested right before your flight with the possibility of not being able to get on your flight? And that is why I think this sounds like a quick money grab from travelers.

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