As we all continue to move in the right direction and pull out of this pandemic some things are moving faster than others, and new restriction and requirement ideas to keep people safe are being tossed around. Some of which include the heavily debated travel industry and one idea has the CEO of Delta Airlines speaking up.

According to 9 News, the Biden Administration has been considering a rule that would require a negative COVID-19 test for all flights, even ones within the United States. This is the requirement that Delta CEO Ed Bastian

"A horrible idea, and a logistical nightmare."

Pete Buttigieg is the Transportation Security and did confirm this week that the Biden administration had floated the idea but it was nothing more than an idea at this point.

Buttigeig did go on to say that they keep the lines of communication open with the Center for Disease Control as things continue to develop on how to best control the virus.

Currently, Delta Airlines is the only domestic airline company that has blocked all middle seats on flights to help stop the spread of the virus. All others have returned to selling those seats in hopes to recoup some of the profits that have been lost over the past 11 months due to the pandemic and the decrease in travelers.

At this point, no one has any idea on how they would attempt to tract COVID-19 tests for airlines to allow passengers onto planes. If something like this did get implemented the details would have to be released soon.

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