Deer hunting can be challenging. It gets even harder when you have a pesky bird perched on your shoulder pecking your head. That's exactly what happened to a hunter recently as this video reveals.

This hunter's name is Cam. Cam is deer hunting. Cam sees a deer nearby. Cam also sees a partridge flying his direction. This is what happened to Cam.

That's a true dilemma only a real hunter can appreciate. You camp out in a tree sometimes for hours waiting for a qualified deer to stroll your way. It happens. You know you have to remain quiet so you don't spook the deer. You have an angry bird on your shoulder pecking your head. So many questions.

It's not revealed how long this bird encounter lasted or if Cam was able to successfully score himself a deer. I could see this video being used as a commercial for headache medicine or maybe bird repellent.

Speaking of bird repellent, I've done a little homework for Cam and other potential hunters. Here's a recipe you might want to consider packing unless you want to end up with a bird on your shoulder at exactly the wrong moment.

You are welcome.

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